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Welcome to Holbæk Municipality

Finally. The Aprilfestival – theatre for young audiences 2021 is almost here. An event we are looking forward to host in Holbæk Municipality.


Holbæk Municipality in North West Zealand is one of the biggest municipalities in Denmark – geographically speaking. 71,200 inhabitants live in 18 local areas within the municipality which covers 578,33 km2 and is placed right by the coast. You will find seas, forests, beaches and hilly landscapes formed by the movement of the ice. Perhaps you will have time to experience some of the cultural places that make Holbæk Municipality unique. The municipality has great opportunities for creative activities, acting, music and art.

Friendly atmosphere in Holbæk City (Press photo: Holbæk Municipality)

We have two theaters, Holbæk Theater and the Theater Fair Play. They produce plays themselves and host plays on tour. We do as well have venues – among others Elværket, Kulturkasernen, Rotationen and Boxen. There are venues and culture houses in the whole municipality, which are driven by local initiatives and engagement. The libraries in Holbæk, Svinninge, Tølløse and on the small island Orø offer lectures and other events throughout the year. The music festivals Tølløse Festival and Orø Festival comes back yearly, and we have orchestras with proud traditions - among others Holbæk Garden (the Music Corps of Holbæk) and Holbæk Byorkester (The Orchestra of Holbæk City).

Young people from Holbæk Drama College (Foto: Joe Kniesek)

In 2019 the Ministry of Culture in Denmark officially announced Holbæk Municipality as a ‘Municipality of Talent’ (talentkommune). We have a young and creative environment for talents – especially in the field of theater because of the collaboration between Holbæk Drama College, the preparatory courses in performing arts (SGK) and Stenhus Gymnasium (High school) (See photo). Additional to the performing arts course, courses in visual arts (BGK) and music (MGK) exist in Holbæk Municipality too. The school for upcoming authors does as well have a department in the city. The talented and active young people have naturally affected our status as host of the Aprilfestival. For that reason, a group of particularly engaged young people is part of the project management. They contribute to the realization of the festival as well as the to the definition of the values, which we stand on in the process. The values are e.g. sustainability and co-creation.

Holbæk Gamle Havn (Holbæk Old Harbour - Press photo: Holbæk Municipality)

Holbæk City has lots of cozy streets with cafés, restaurants and a great variety of small shops. And you meet contemporary art everywhere. Holbæk Art is a project which embraces art. It began in 2012 and contains 30 works of Danish and international artists. Contemporary art adorns gables and walls in the center of Holbæk. Some of the paintings are made by the famous artists Michael Kvium and Eske Kath.

The art enriches the citizens and tourists in the city and gives food for thought. You can find exciting exhibitions at Æglageret, Juel Verland and other small galleries in the municipality. Holbæk Museum and Kystliv Holbæk is always worth a visit. At the old harbor you can see historical sailboats and old fishing boats.

Brorfelde Observatory (Photo: Søren K. Kløft)

On top of one of the highest places on Zealand with an amazing view of Lammefjorden, you will find the largest star observatory in Denmark, Brorfelde Observatory. At Brorfelde Observatory you are invited to explore the stars and the universe. The darkness surrounding Brorfelde is protected, which gives the most optimal conditions for stargazing.

Back to the Aprilfestival. We are looking forward to welcome you and hope that you will have some wonderful days with us in Holbæk.

Warm welcome!