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Meet this years' host: Syddjurs

Aprilfestival is a traveling festival. Each year a new Danish Municipality is the host of the festival. This year it is the municipality of Syddjurs.

The Municipality of Syddjurs is situated on the south part of the ‘nose’ of the peninsula Jutland - not far from Denmark’s second largest city, Aarhus, and is known for its unique landscape and small cozy villages.

Syddjurs covers an area of almost 700 km2 and around 42.000 citizens, and is one of Denmark’s largest tourist Municipalities.

One of the reasons is Mols Bjerge National Park. This exclusive nature park covers an area of 180 km2 of open grasslands, forest, hills, lakes, coastline, sea and spectacular scenic pathways and views. The National Park also includes the old town of Ebeltoft as well as various villages and holiday cottage areas.

Mols Bjerge National Park

Syddjurs attracts artists and creative people, whether it is creative startup businesses or artistic artworkers. The city of Ebeltoft is especially known for its many glass artists and is also the home of Denmark’s leading museum of glass art.

The Municipality is growing with small local businesses of food and beverages and other local products, and just recently a big new cultural center has opend in the buildings of a former malt factory in Ebeltoft - ''Maltfabrikken'.

Many citizens are involved in voluntary work at local level, with the municipality actively supporting the wide range of activities. And with the hosting of this years Aprilfestival the municipality seeks to put focus on culture and art for children and young people, with the hope that the creative energy and inspiration from the festival will influence and reflect the cultural initiatives among young ones in the years to come.