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Delegate Registration

Aprilfestival is every year visited by more than 100 international industry delegates and 900 national TYA professionals.

As an international delegate you register by purchasing one of the following delegate packages, see more details of packages or purchase packages please visit Package and Purchase.

1. Monday 1st – Sunday 7th:
Full package with a car: €440
Full package with shared car: €175

2. Wednesday 3rd – Sunday 7th:
5-day Package with a car: €360
5-day Package with shared car: €150

3. Friday 5th – Sunday 7th:
Weekend package: €80

If you bring your own car to the festival please contact Yidan Su for special arrangements.
When you plan the length of your stay please take into consideration that the festival includes two different sections:

In the weekday section (Monday to Thursday) you will meet performances in normal settings as caractererized by the Danish itinerant theatre: In schools and kindergartens for the target audience (children and young people).

The 400 week day performances are dispersed in the whole municipality and international delegates can freely choose which one you want to watch.

The weekend section from Friday – Sunday is concentrated in Hjørring and is visited by local family audiences and programmers.

This is an intense program with 400 presentations in three days with performances starting every quarter of an hour.

You are free to move individually by foot and with shuttle buses.

Read more and purchase the packages in the left hand colomn. Package and Purchase